Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sugar Lemon Scrub

Yesterday it was my sisters birthday. I decided to give her money. The reason I ended up on giving her money is because she has a The Secret Check for a specific amount of money that she has hung up on the mirror in her room. So I decided to print out the same check for her, to give to her. I will write about The Secret in another post.

But it just felt like it was not enough. So I decided to make a Sugar lemon scrub, inspired from The Idea Room. The label I found over at The Craft Project. It was so unbelievable easy to make!

Oil, sugar and lemon essential oil

2 cups of sugar

1/3 cups oil

Mix together
Add a few drops essential oil until wanted scent

Put in a container




  1. Looks great! Super easy right? Love it!

    1. Thank you :) And yes its so simple to make! I want to try making it with some other scents too!


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