Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Busy Weeks

I am so sorry for not posting last week but I have been so busy. 

I was working Monday to Wednesday. Thursday I got my hair cut and took the train to Oslo with my sister. Then Friday I had a terrible cold, used most the day relaxing and had a girls night with mum and my sisters. Saturday I participated in the 10km in Oslo Marathon in just 1:20:11. With my cold I estimated maybe 1:45. So I was super happy with my result. The rest of the day was spent more or less almost sleeping with a body full of pain. Sunday I took the train back home.

Monday to Wednesday this week I am working. Then Thursday taking the train back to Oslo with my big sister. Spending the weekend there for my fathers Convocation. He has just finished his master degree. Its also my parents 28th anniversary. Then Sunday I am taking the train back with both my sisters. 

Next week I will be working and hanging out with my little sister who is here on autumn break. Then my parents will be visiting during the weekend and taking my little sister home on Sunday. Due to these crazy weeks I will not be posting anything. 

On a similar note, I am looking for a "blogging buddy". Someone who will post on this blog with me. Kind of like a semi-permanent guest blogger. If you want to guest post or be my blogging buddy please do not hesitate to email me trixi (dot) blogger (at) gmail (dot) com. 

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