Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Office/Guest Room Make-Over Part 1

I have an office/guest room in my apartment. Well its really my parents apartment that my sister and I rent since they live in a different city. We live in our home town and my parents and little sister live in the capital. The third bedroom in the apartment is their "space" for when they come to visit, but I use it as my "office" crafts room because I have a tiny bedroom. I had to mention this because they had to be a big part of the process. I guess you could look at me as an interior designer. I had to get their permission before doing any big stuff.

Here is a before picture taken from the door. Sorry about the mess. 

The lay-out really wasn't working for me anymore. I decided to make a scale model so I could easily rearrange without having to move the furniture. When I found a lay-out I liked I then moved the furniture around.

I have always found this room quite boring, very white (not my style). I told them about a dream I had that I painted the entire room green. They where shocked! That would NEVER happen. Well I convinced them to paint one wall a colour of their choice, blue or grey. Then I convinced them to paint two walls - the ones around the bed. While my parents were visiting one weekend my mum and I went to buy paint. She ended up choosing green. After they had gone I painted two of the walls green. It just did not look right. After having a video call with my parents we agreed - read I convinced them - to let me paint all the walls.

And so I did.

I also changed from black to white bedding, added black boxes in the bookcase, removed some of the laundry system, removed the curtains, added a side table for the printer and removed the shelves over the desk. I also spray painted the candle holders purple.

I am so happy with the results. I am not quite done yet though. I still have a lot more organizing to do. I might spray paint the end table purple. I am going to make some art for the wall and make some pillows. I am also going to buy new towel sets.

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  1. I like it and I am waiting for more inspiration :-)


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