Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Wrap-Up

I cannot believe today is the last day in July. Time has gone by so fast.

This month I have had two projects. The first was my series on bringing my blog to the next level and the second was completing my bedroom. I am done with both these (except the bedroom posts which are a bit delayed). And I am really happy with my work this month.

1. Series: Introduction 
2. Series: Inspiration
3. Series: Planner
4. Series: Goals
6. Series: Dos & Donts

In August I am going to focus on the Office/Guest Room. The first part of the month is going to mostly be organizing and the second part of the month is going to be decorating.

I am also going to be working on my fitness. In the end of September I am actually participating in a 10k. I actually do not have a specific time goal as this is my first time. I signed up in the 1h 20m or longer category.

Since tomorrow is a new month I thought I would share my August calendar with you. I am also including a blank calendar so that you can add what you like using sites like PicMonkey. If you would like any changes, just contact me and I will see what I can do!
August 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bedroom Closet Make-Over

My room is the only one of the three bedrooms that does not have a build-in closet. There is however a closet in the hallway on the opposite side of my bedroom. Half the closet is mine.

It did need a real organizing. I had all my clothes mixed up, and everything was really messy.

My half:

Other half:

 I knew I wanted some really pretty labels. I googled and found a really nice border. I used Picmonkey and added the words and saved them on the computer. I printed out 6 on a page and added each to the basket I wanted.

The entire look changed so much. Then it was time to organize the baskets. I removed one at a time, emptied it out on the basket, organized it and put it back.



I do not use my shoes a lot, so instead of having them hanging in a shoe hanger, I placed then in boxes instead.

On the other side, I just did some tidying.

I am very happy on how it turned out, even though it was not a big change. It does look a lot more tidy now, and I really LOVE my new labels!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bedroom Vent

I think everyone has been surprised once on what a huge difference a small item can make. The vent I had in my room was old, dirty and undated. I read once that one of the most common mistakes people make when giving a room a make-over is to install the old light switches. I thought this could apply to my vent as well. My sister had originally bought it for her room, but it was too big (her vent is closer to the wall) so she gave it to me.

Cap removed:

Base removed:

New vent:

It made much more difference that what I could have imagined. It does make a huge difference in the room as well!

Have you made a small change that has made a huge difference? Id love to hear about it!

Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Lamp make-over

OH NO! I just realized now I actually do not have a before-photo for these two lamps. I guess that just happens sometimes. 

The small lamp I bought for 29 kroner, a bit under 5 usd, at a second hand store. The big lamp I got for free. They were really not very pretty or my style at all, so I knew I had to do a big make-over on these.

I started with the base of the lamps. The little lamp I actually took a part and the big lamp I used news paper and tape to cover everything I was not going to spray paint.

I started with two coat of spray paint primer.

Then did three coats of spray paint and was finally satisfied.

The lampshades did looked fine, but I wanted another fabric.

I made a pattern and cut out four pieces of the fabric I had chosen. I originally wanted a really nice ruffled fabric, but it was about 90% more expensive than the one I bought. Then I pinned them together and ready to sew.

The smaller shade I just rolled the shade and created an outline, and pinned it in place.

I used some scraps to create a head band for my dog. She is so cute.

The sewing machine I currently used is at the moment not sewing properly. It is a 25 year old Pfaff, making it a couple of years older than me. 

Because of this I had to borrow my grandmothers. Which is even older, but it does the trick.

I basically just sewed along the pins, and tried it on the shades. Then I sewed it even more in. Finally I used a glue gun and glued it to the shades in the top and bottom.

My dog was "helping" me. She came and wanted to sit on my lap while I was sewing.

I assembled the lamps and turned them on. I really regret not doing it properly, but I did not know the lamps where that see through. This works for now, but I will probably dress them up a bit later.

I must say I have fallen in love with spray paint. It is so easy to work with, and everything goes so fast. At the moment I have only done two small projects, my lamps and a basket, but I think I will try it on some bigger projects soon too! Have you done any fun spray paint projects? I would love to take a look, so leave a link in the comment box!
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