Friday, August 31, 2012

10 Organized Home Office

Today's inspirational post is on home offices. Home offices must not - and should not - be uninspiring. In my opinion a home office should be where you feel inspired and motivated to do your work. You might get inspired by pastel colours, bright colours or no colour, decorate what inspires you!

Here I have found 10 different home offices. I would love to hear which you like best/least, and also leave a comment with a link to your home office, I would love to check it out!!



I would really like to apologize for all the following photos without links, they were found via Pinterest and did not include a link to a website.

9.                                                                                 10.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Garden Style Bedrooms {Guest Post}

Hello, all!

It's Mari, here for Arcadian Lighting, a fantastic online place to find sparkling chandeliers, pendant lights, and lighting fixtures in all styles and finishes. I'm so excited to be visiting Creative, Inspired & Organized, with a guest post about beautiful and appealing garden style bedrooms.

 We often associate garden style rooms with country or shabby chic d├Ęcor, but the look is actually much more versatile than that. The eight rooms we've brought to share with you today show off several styles, including industrial, traditional, shabby and contemporary. Please enjoy!

Garden Bedroom

It's difficult to believe that this stunning garden style bedroom can be found in a converted industrial space in the city. The open skylight means live plants can flourish on a vertical green wall. Pretty leafy bedding completes the garden look.

Garden Bedroom

With a lovely neutral greige background, this traditional bedroom gets a garden look from subtle touches of bright green. That lively hue is carried up to the ceiling in a nature inspired leafy chandelier.

Garden Bedroom

A contemporary bedroom shows off great garden style with layers and layers of gorgeous textiles. It's a beautiful look perfect for a space with windows open to a courtyard just outside.

Garden Bedroom

This stylishly feminine bedroom gets garden touches from large wall art and toss pillows. Tall slim lamps are so pretty with jaunty pink and white striped shades.

Garden Bedroom

Tricia Guild bedding with massive flowers and matching stripes infuses this traditional bedroom with contemporary style. I never look at a Designers Guild pattern without smiling, they just make me happy.

Garden Bedroom

A colorful bedroom retreat is filled with larger than life flowers from the garden depicted in this large painting as headboard. I love the painted yellow table at the foot of the bed.

Garden Bedroom

Garden style bedrooms also come in pale calming hues, like this eclectic white bedroom with pretty blue blossom-strewn bedding. I love the mercury glass light fixture at the bedside.

Garden Bedroom

This image gives the phrase "garden style bedroom" a whole new meaning. An iron bed is filled with new and vintage textiles. The well-loved, aged and gently-worn quilts are a beautiful addition to an amazing outdoor space.

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 What do you think of these garden style bedrooms? Leave us comments below, and stop by our website for more ceiling lights, lamps, and lighting fixtures for your home!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Link party - no. 5

The rules are simple,

 - Maximum 3 posts per person - all post accepted exept give-aways.
 - Remember to link to the specific blog post, and not your homepage.
 - You must have my button somewhere on your blog OR have a text link in the post directly to this post.

I know you are all so sweet, so these rules will be no problem.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome Back To Me...

It has been quite nice actually to stop posting for a while. Well not just stop posting, but also stop thinking about anything blog related. I hardly checked my blogger desktop.

I guess I was just expecting too much from myself. I was not enjoying it as much anymore, and trying to write as often as possible.

I have realized I need to focus more on writing good posts, and not as often. I will have a weekly link party post, one inspirational post and one creative-organized-something post. Probably - but maybe not always, I am just going to take things a bit as they come. I will focus more on my writing skills and more on my photograph skills. Quality over Quantity.

That is it for now. See you Monday for a new Link Party!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Short Break...

During last week I just did not feel like blogging at all.

Almost all the posts I wrote where pre-written.

I tried to start on a few new one, I just did not know where to start.

I did not feel inspired.

This is why I have decided to take a small break from blogging.

I have a couple of other things in my personal life that I have to sort out first.

I do not know when I am going to return.

I know I will because I am so so proud of my blog!

Right now, I am just going with the flow.

New content will come when the time is right for me.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my other posts or write me a comment, as I will still be replying to them.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Redesigned Frames

I had two boring white frames in my bedroom. They were boring. Too boring for my new bedroom. I decided to give them a make-over!

I started with the plain frame.

Then I added some washi tape around the frame. It fit perfectly. To get the nice corners, I just folded one of the tape pieces in a 45 degree angle and glued it on.

I thought it turned out great, but I was not done. I wanted some flowers. I took pre-cut paper flowers and secured then together with a gemstone pin.

Then I glued them in the bottom corner of my frame. I am so happy the way they turned out! I think they look absolutely amazing! And it took me under 30 minutes to make two. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bedroom Rearranging

I had a vision on how I thought my bedroom could look great! So I acted. I thought it would be wonderful to move the big chair under the window to get in a lot of natural light when reading and writing. I also changed the small stool to an end table.

 I was not satisfied. So I moved it back.

It still was not right, so I changed back to the stool.

 So much better. This was my original vision. I was glad I did try to change things around just to see what it would look like (I am weird that way). 

Luckily I did not need any help moving my furniture. The only one home was my dog, who was laying on my bed chewing her rat

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