Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love You Scrabble Frame {Guest Post}

Hi, I’m Jessica from Oceanside Daydreams and I am honored to guest post here today! I love going to garage sales and picking up old and outdated pieces that are in need of a re-do. I try to do my little projects on the cheap (because I’m cheap lol!) and use stuff I already have around the house. Here is the steps I took to re-do a garage sale find into a new and updated piece of art. Let’s get this party started!

Here’s is a picture of the piece as I bought it.

I took it completely apart, removed the old piece of art, and picked out what scrapbook paper I wanted to use. For some reason I always go back to my Martha Stewart paper. I cut a piece to size and then secured it with crafters tape. At the last minute I decided to use another piece of paper in the center to accent the letters. I drew the design, cut it out, applied it to the center with crafters tap, and then used some white thumb tacks in the corners as an added accent (those pictures are farther down).

After that I took the frame and double mat outside for two coats of white spray paint. Once they were dry I used my Martha Stewart crackle finish on the frame. I ended up using a fine grit sandpaper to make the frame look more worn and uneven.

Next I got to work on the scrabble letters (they were leftovers from a previous project but you can buy them in bulk online if you wanted to know). I didn’t have a ‘v’ so I thought it would be cute to use a heart in place of the ‘v’ and it worked out great! I used a paint marker to draw in on and then used hot glue to secure them all in place.

Clean the glass, put the mat and picture back in, and secure the backing. ALL DONE! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Since I used stuff I already had around the art room it didn’t cost me a dime to complete the re-do (I think I paid $1 for the picture at the garage sale).

I love giving old stuff a new life and if you do too then swing on by - Oceanside Daydreams – and take a look around! Thanks again to Trixi for letting me stop by and share some fun!


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