Friday, April 27, 2012


So this morning when I checked my email in bed I read this post form Craft-O-Maniac, and I was really touched by her, and the way she shared her feelings. I love creating and I do enjoy blogging, but I have only gotten a few views, and a few comments. I always figured that people do not know about my blog. I have linked up to a few link parties, and tried-and-failed to have my own. But also the ones that came and looked at my site just do not really like my work. But this was a new eye-opener. How can I expect people to comment on my blog post when I do not do the same to others.

"If you give you shall receive"

So from now on I will become better at giving comments on posts I like. Most of the blogs I read I get into my email, for convenience, and those who do not offer this I subscribe to. So I have to get better at going into the post and actually writing a comment. Just so they know I am there and I like what I read. 


  1. Thank you Trixi. Just dont give up, and just be you. Have a super day. Winks, jen

  2. I have the same issue! I read all of my blogs (150+ yikes!) in Google reader and don't take the time to go to the actual webpage. Maybe we can both do better together :)

    1. 150+? Wow thats a lot! I started out well, but then I slipped a bit. So I better get a bit more strict with myself and show the bloggers out there that I like their work!


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