Thursday, April 19, 2012

From Dress to Skirt

Sorry for not posting any new posts this week so far. I lent away my small camera when I was on holiday and did not get it back untill today. This week has also been about purging, organizing and decorating! I have finished the entré and it looks so good, photos up this weekend! Also I have been doing a lot in my bedroom. I have finished removing everthing form the bookcase and the dresser, I am almost done with one box and have two boxes left. I do find it hard to let go of useless stuff, and I am not quite sure why but I am trying my best!

I will show a redesign i did the week before my holiday. Two years ago I made a dress, but i did not really like it so I never wore it. So therefore I decided to make a skirt out of it. I decided I wanted it to be high waste.

I cut it off right over the black band, removed the sidezipper and sewed it shut, as well as taking it inn a bit on each side. After I sew a black zipper in the back. I really love the black detail, so I am thinking of another way to make it more black. Until now I have used it with a black belt.

Really bad photo


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