Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bedroom Organizing and Tidying

In my bedroom I have two pieces of furniture as storage, my cupboard and my nightstand. I do not have any clothes in my room, so these are just used for general stuff. My cupboard is quite organized already and did not need any touch ups.

My nightstand on the other hand was a mess! It has two drawer.



 So to make things a LOT easier for myself I decided to just empty one drawer at a time into a box and start with a clean slate. And I must say, I was surprised how much actually fit in my nightstand.

Only top drawer contents:

Only lower drawer contents:

I am so pleased with my finished product. It looks so much better!

I have a nice, clean and uncluttered nightstand top. And if anyone watches the Big Bang Theory you might notice my Soft Kitty photo inspired from there found somewhere on the Internet.
In my top drawer I have my moisturizing creams, case for my glasses and pillow speakers, tissue box, small knick-knacks like contacts, some pills, lighter, matches, pen, small notepad, flashlight and antibacterial.
In my lower drawer I have a hot water bottle, socks with rice bags that can be heated up (I tend to get really cold feet in the winter), a Rice bag eye mask, my iPad and some pens and notebooks.


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    1. Thank you! I am soon going to do another round of tidying and purging!


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