Saturday, June 16, 2012

Office / Guest Room Desk

The first challenge I started with was the desk area. I had two desks there that where always messy and were very unorganized.

So I started by removing everything from the desktop. I used the same technique as when I was tidying my night stand. I put everything in a box.

All the stuff from the desk top. What a mess.

I then decided to remove one of the desks and move the laundry organizing in its place, with the printer on top. Currently we are using one of these and a big laundry basket (and the floor), but to get everything more organized I used the money from selling the desk to buying another.

Then I decided to just dive in the pile of stuff, some things where to go back into the desk, some moved to a different location and some thrown away. I decided to organize my drawers in this order:

1. Office supplies - the usual; pens, pencils, highlighters, tape, stabler, hole puncher, calculators, scissors as well as some things I like to keep handy, such as a lighter (for lighting candles), some matches and tissue.

2. Desk top - whenever I want to do crafts and such at the desk I will have to remove EVERYTHING located there.

3. Papers - I have quite a bit of paper that I haven't sorted yet, must to that. In the mean time They are in a drawer.

4. Electronics - well, everything with electronics. Label maker, Cd's, cables and such.

5. Printer Supplies - normal paper, pink thicker paper, photo paper and cartridges.

1.                                                             2. 

 3.                                                             4. 


I wanted my desk top to be organized with minimal stuff and clutter. I ended up - for now - keeping only my laptop, personal binder, water bottle, vase with pens and a tissue box.

Over my desk I have some sticky notes with my goals - meant to be fuzzy yes. The orange is "My Goal", the yellow is the numerical order on the goal. The blue is the actual goal. The green is more detailed, how to succeed, how I want things to be and such. I really absolutely do not like this.

I guess it could have been a good idea but it did not work out. However I do feel that staring at a blank white wall is a bit to boring. What do you have on the wall over your desk? Or do you place your desk differently?

This is actually the only thing I was able to complete. I was not disappointed however, I think it was a lot more work than I could imagine. It does look a lot better than when I started anyways.

To be continued...

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