Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Office / Guest Room Make-over

So my next big Organizing project is the office / guest room. It has been a dumping ground for me while I did my bedroom (as well as a dumping ground in general). So it is SUPER messy. This room is one of the hardest to keep clean and tidy. Every time it gets messy I just do not even bother going inside. And when we have guests (our parents), I tend to just try to hide all the junk. But not this time.


View from the door                           View from the opposite side



As you all see, there is way to much stuff in here. Every surface - and floor - is covered in stuff. Everyone knows that's NOT good. There is also just to much furniture here.

For the next few days I will share with you the process of my make-over. I will be having posts about my project organizer I created, the plan for this room. The process and then the final results. I did start this yesterday, and I have to be done before Friday evening, because my mum is coming to visit. However the blogging might take a bit longer.


  1. lol I love that you have a blender on the dresser :)

    1. Yes :) We do not use it so often, and do not have any space in the kitchen. There was also a Kitchen Aid on the night-stand!


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