Monday, June 4, 2012

Bedroom Reveal!


This is what I have been working on:
General Cleaning, Organizing and Tidying

Here is the final room.

Some close-ups:

I must admit one thing, I did think I would be satisfied keeping it the way it is now that it is all clean. But as I have done everything I have planned I am noticing that it is not the room I hopes it would be. I was prepared to be super excited of my new perfect room, but I am not. Of course I am very satisfied by how it turned out, but its just not done yet, so everyone can expect more projects from my bedroom when I can figure out what more this room needs.

I did find a chair today for free! at a a dump yard. I will have to buy some fabric and give it a small make-over. It is just going to be something in the meantime while I find something better suited. I am going to have it in the empty corner.

UPDATE: Bedroom Wall


  1. looks good! I like the shelf and the lighting piece :) ... and of course my fav is the Soft Kitty sign!

  2. Replies
    1. I love them! My parents got them for me in the US, I just really love that I can get sunlight in and people cant look into my room, (I do live on the third floor, but I do have a small fear of people being able to look into my room!)


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