Friday, June 29, 2012

Maxi Dress DIY Tutorial

I tried making another dress today. A long maxi dress made using an old tank. It is inspired by Yellow Tutorial Sunshine Poured Out Maxi Dress @ Kojo Designs. I thought it would be simple. And it was. I created a pattern using my old tank and extended it to a dress pattern. Then I cut it out and all. I did it in a very weird way as you can see in my photos.

When I tried it on it looked good, except for the fact that I had used to little fabric in the butt area, so it really followed my body in the front. It was the total different of the loose dress I had imagined.

So I must admit I have really lost my confidence in sewing from my own pattern from my last two failed dresses. So this is probably going to be the last sewing project for a while, as I am doing a series over the next two weeks. But now I have learned that I really need to take measurements when creating my own pattern.

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