Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Fleece Dress

I saw this really simple tutorial for a 30 minute maxi dress @ The Winthrop Chronicles. It looked super simple and I knew I wanted to create at least one. 

Every summer we stay about a week at a cabin on an island. My parents are members of the club so we get one of the four cabins every summer. We always hope for the best weather. But even if it is sunny it does get cold in the evenings. I have wanted to bring something semi-warm that I can easy dress in when I get cold, as well as something I knew I would not mind if got ruined. I wanted to use the 30 minute maxi dress as a guide for my fleece dress. 

I started with a fabric, 100x150 cm. I folded over one side so my final piece would be 100x75 cm.

I then sewed around these three sides.

Then a cut two holes for my arms. About 15 cm.

And 10 cm for the neck.

I tried it on and it looked aweful. It was so bulky and the fabric would not lie nicely. So for everyone out there, only use the 30 minute maxi dress with a light weight fabric.

I however could not be stopped. I found a fitted t-shirt and just traced round the edges on the side and sewed in, and cut of the extra fabric. I also cut more out of the front of the neckline. It ended up looking like this:

I do like most of the dress. It does however look very bulky in the shoulders, but I have no idea how I will be able to fix it. I tried pinning it in different ways but it did not look good. I have therefore just decided to keep it this way until further notice.

I finished it last night and have now been wearing it for a couple of hours this morning and I must say I really love it. The fabric is so soft and I really like that it does have some length to it. 

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