Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Wow I cannot believe how fast time flies. I really wish I could tell everyone that I am working on so many different projects and I will be having a ton of posts soon, but I can not. It has been such a busy week for me. And this weekend will be no different. So I am sorry you guys for not posting for a week. And not being able to post the rest of this week (probably).

As I mentioned in another personal post, I do get a lot of blog post straight to my email. Here are some awesome posts for you too check out that I love:

Planner organization... - I do love planners too! I just have a small problem of not using it too much, and well kinda forgetting about it. Right now I am using an app on my iPad called Opus Domini. 

Quick Tip: Keeper of the Cords - What a GREAT idea! I shall start saving some toilet rolls and show you my plans for this when I am done!

Ruffled Lamp Shade Makeover - WOW how cute!!! 

Spray Paint Projects - I LOVE these. Amazing what a difference some spray paint can do!

So hope you all enjoy this "different" post. Have a great weekend!


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