Sunday, May 13, 2012

Maxi Skirt

Today I actually did one of the posts that I had on my inspiration page, Maxi Skirt from A Girl And A Glue Gun. I did do everything a bit different, but I did not like the end result. Because of my pattern I decided to make a rectangular skirt. However, I forgot one little detail: to make sure the skirt was wide enough for me to walk properly in, I did not buy enough fabric!! Here is the tutorial:

1. Cut fabric (100x120cm) and the waistband (62cm)

2. Sew the sides together

3. Pin the skirt to the waistband
"the only tricky part is the waistband..but once you figure out how to do will be 25 skirt deep.
you section off the elastic into equal fourths.....
do the same with the skirt..." Link

I did the same, but with equals instead of 4

4. Sew together

5. Remove pins

6. Hem the bottom

7. Voila!
*Weird angle*

I added a small triangle at the bottom of the skirt. Its so much easier to walk in now, but looks kind of like a small "tail". I guess this is a skirt I will only wear at home.


  1. love that fabric! sorry you had to have a "tail!" lol! but it looks cute from the picture!!!


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