Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to create a button - Part 1

So back in march I decided to make my Link Party Button. I did not give a tutorial on this, just referred to a couple of sites. And since I have had a guest blogger here, I decided to create a button for this!

This post will be about how to design and create your logo. I used to use picnik, but boo they have shut down. But after a look around on what other people use I found this other great editing site called PicMonkey. It is quite simple and has more or less everything I need.

When I create my buttons I always start using a photo I already have, but you could also just google a nice photo to have as a background. I did this with my Link Party Button. Another way to start is by downloading a white canvas. I did this for my Featured At Button. You can check out all my buttons in the My Buttons! tab located at the top of this blog.

The photo I decided to use was actually my product of my first guest post at another blog. This is what I did, of course you can change the sequence depending on what you prefer to do. I like it this way:

Upload photo

Did some editing if needed

Added the writing

Resize it
125x125 is most common,
but since mine is rectangular I used 125 for the width
and kept the same proportions

Edited the writing

Added some butterflies

Saved the photo

My Button

I would love to see what everyone else comes up with, so feel free to post a link in the comment box below so I can check it out!


  1. Thanks for sharing how to do that! It turned out great! Jess @ :)

    1. Thanks :) Hope you add it to your blog :)


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