Friday, May 11, 2012

Organized Home - Step 1

Kitchen Organization is the first room that is to be focused on, which fits perfectly with me. It is the room that a) I use the most time tidying and cleaning and b) is always the most messy. I think we have a good sized kitchen. It has good amount of counter space, a dishwasher and a small kitchen table with two chairs.

The first thing to consider is the functions of the kitchen. The main function of our kitchen is cooking, eating when the kitchen table is not full of crap, food storage, recycling, calendar and where the dog eats/stays when we are not home.

So I did clean and tidy all the counter tops and sink. First I unloaded the clean dishwasher and filled it up with dirty dishes. Then I started in the right corner and moved to the left. I also did the hand washing. The only thing I was not able to complete was the kitchen table. All the items left here need a new home. Before/after pictures below:

 I am so happy with what I achieved. And now for the hard part, keeping it this way. I have to create a cleaning schedule.

Twice per day: Clean the sink and kitchen counters
Once per day: Vacuum the floor
Twice per week: Mop the floor, water the plants and empty the trash
Twice per month: Clean the oven

Step 1 is now done! Only 51 steps left. I am feeling really optimistic about this! I am really looking forward to starting the next step.


  1. WOW look at how much you got done! I am SO jealous... my house is in mad need of some cleaning lol! Good job and keep up the great work ;)

    1. Thank you :) I am actally very pleased and I managed to KEEP it this way! :). I find the hardest part is starting, bt just start in a courner and work your way around a small area. A big motivator can be taking before/during/after pictures! And I think that doing only a little is better than doing nothing at all :)


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