Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PJ bottoms

So I have this problem with pj bottoms. I am 178 cm tall. And even though I do find pjs that are a good length they always seam to shrink after some time. I absolutely hate it! It annoys me so so so much! And I am really tired of walking around like that, so I tend to pull them down quite a bit and just wear a long t-shirt over. But I want to feel comfy in my pjs. So I decided just to make a new pair, with loooong legs.

So i started of with a pair of old pjs. and i basically just cut up all the seams.

Then I have this super duper cute fabric I got at in the US last year (my parents lived a year in Houston so I went and visited them before last summer).

So basically I just used my old pjs as a guide, but added quite a bit of fabric to the length. I actually find it easier to cut off the bottom so I know the bottom of the legs are straight.

Then I cut it out.

After that I sew it together. And sewed some more, and some more, and some more. I had to do a lot of altering. For the waist I just added an elastic band. In the end, it ended up like this:

And I love love love love it. Its super comfy and I love the super long legs. I know I might have to do some more sewing depending on how it is to sleep in, so I will give you an update tomorrow :)

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