Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creative Cart make-over

I have this cart from IKEA, I bought it almost two years ago. I was doing a year of fashion and design and lived on campus. I had my own bedroom and bathroom. In the bathroom there was not space to put anything. So I bought this cart to have there, but it never really did work out. This year it has mostly been used for storing junk. About a month ago I decided it would be my creative cart. I do most my sewing and stuff in the dining area, and I wanted something that looked tidy, but also could easily be moved. I did not to any real organizing, just piled it with creative stuff. So today I organized it.



I really love the way it came together. I was thinking of painting it as well, but I do like wood colour. Maybe some other time. It looks a lot more neat now. I must admit, I keep on looking over at my creative cart, and enjoying my "masterpiece".

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