Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days Reflection & Hints

So I managed to post the first 8 days - 9 if you include my introduction. At this time I should have had double that amount. But I became quite ill. But I will write a small reflection on how those days went.

I think I was a bit... unaware.. of how hard it would be. I might try again another time, but probably not posting every day.

For one of the hardest parts was time. Creating an item, editing the photos and writing the posts do take quite some time. I would often sit up late to finish my post for that day.

I also struggled a bit on what I was to create. I did not think this project though at all! I did not have much materials and so I noticed I became a bit frustrated trying to figure out what to create.

I did learned a lot. Here is some of it:

  1. Things take time. <- Might be obvious but I did underestimate how long I would spend on each project.
  2. When creating a series and posting daily many times in a row think small, no smaller. It has to be something that you can post about daily that will not take more than a few hours hours, or just 30 minutes to finish. Here is an example for a nice size post, you should really check out all of the organizing posts in her series.
  3. Start a few days early. You never know when something comes up and you suddenly have no time to write. Being 3-4 days ahead of time can really help!
  4. Do not become ill - really important people!
Well that's it really. I am sorry if I dissapointed anyone.

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