Friday, October 5, 2012

Shimmering Angels

Day 5 of 31. I suddenly feel super-smart. Since it is Christmas soon, I can make Christmas crafts! I now have... a lot more plans on what I can create now! But yes, I still feel super-smart. More on my series here.

Today I have decided to start making some Christmas decorations. These angels are perfect! These were also a kit I got last winter during the after-Christmas sale. I gathered the supplies I needed to make them all.

Then I made my supplies for one. Including a 35 cm long thread.

I stated with the dress for the angel. I simply added the bead to the middle of my thread.

Then I put the thread through the needle...

... and added the rest of the angel.

Then I twisted the thread once around the halo and tied a knot to the end.

Can this sell? At the right price I do believe so. The right price is a low price. If I could make a series with similar decorations I do believe they would sell. They are small, pretty and elegant. I know I love them!


  1. what a beautiful little ornament! I need to get my other projects finished up so I can start some creating for Christmas, you've inspired me!

  2. Thanks for liking up with I ♡ Art Blog Hop! Love this little Angel!


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