Saturday, October 6, 2012

Silver & Pearls Simple Necklace

Day 6 has been a day of quite a bit of planning and price searching. I really want to make a few different type of necklaces. With pearls and ribbons... I have also been busy with parents visiting this weekend. So we went to visit some family on first my mothers side then my fathers side.

I started this around 11pm, after been visiting family all day. I was quite tired so I forgot to post photos when I made it. If you have some basic knowledge like I do, it is quite easy to create.

I used the left-overs from my Pearl Necklace that I made earlier this year. The pearls were ready to use, check it out here for how it was done.

I basically just opened one of the sides on the pearls and added another one until they were all chained together. Then I added the chain and the toggle clasp. Then I took quite a number of product:

At its currant state, I believe it so too simple and to dull for people to want to buy it. If I was to sell it I would have to figure a way to make it more special.

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