Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lavender Bag

Today is the third day of my October series. More information on that here. Even though it has only been three days, I feel a lack of things to make. I am trying to think of creative things to make that I can possibly sell, but its not that easy. I actually do not have a plan for what to make tomorrow. So it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

I decided to do something quite different, but at the same time a bit similar to my two previous posts. I have had this starter kit thing for a bit under a year now (wow time flies!) and I decided to finally make it. It was a material sett, enough to make 3 lavender bags. I made one today. It is basically a cushion with dried lavender inside a decorated organza bag. 

I started by making the cushion first. I actually did not do any measurements, as they came pre-cut. I had a rectangular cotton fabric.

I folded the fabric in half and pinned it. I left an opening in one of the sides.

I then sewed around the cushion, leaving an opening. This was after a small lunch-break so forgot I had changed the background to get better pictures. 

 I cut away excess fabric in the corners and turned it right side out.

Then I filled it up with wadding.

I made a small cavity in the middle of the wadding. I then took some dried lavender and poured it into the cavity. I first tried using this... tool.... that I totally forgot the name of in all languages... But the lavender got stuck, so I ended up puring it out of the... tool.. and on to a piece of paper. I made a paper cone and poured it inn that way.

Then I closed the cavity with some wadding and sewed the opening shut with the ladder stitch. Its my new favourite stitch. Its supposed to be invisible (if you do it correctly). Cushion Complete!

I started to work on the organza bag. The good thing about this part is that if you want to make it yourself, you can use anything you already own. It is so simple as well. I used lace that I measured and sewed closed before pinning it to my organza bag.

Then I sewed around it. Just one thing I have to mention here. Make sure that you put the details far enough away from the drawstrings that it does not get affected when you pull the drawstrings together. Just a word of advice. I sewed mine to close to the draw string, so it looks really weird when I close it completely.

Another way to decorate is using string and jewelry. Remember the drawstrings as well. I put some silver beads on mine. Then sit back and enjoy your work (and smell it!). It looks so pretty you can even use it for decorations.

Now the question is, would anyone buy this? This is really where the uncertainties come. I guess I could make the two others and try selling them. This first one is more of a sample, and I am not 100% satisfied with it, so its a keeper for me. Its pretty so I like it.

On another note, I must say I really like the main picture I did. The black background really made it pop, especially compared to the picture above. It does really inspire me to try to take better pictures of my work. As well as makes be want to create a photography box with different coloured background. At the moment I am using a Styrofoam board with some white fabric pinned to it. For my main photo I just put some black fleece over it while taking the photo.

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