Monday, October 8, 2012

Quilling Stars

Day 8 and I am really feeling how committed one has to be to have a series like this. Creating and posting something every day takes a lot of work. It was especially hard today. My whole body is feeling fever-ish and I feel like doing nothing, not even sleeping or existing. But it happens I am going an awesome blog series so I have to fight through it.

Today I did something I have wanted to try out for a long time. I bought this material set around Christmas times last year. I have seen some similar projects around blogtown and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try. After reading the instructions it seamed like such an easy job. It wasn't. And because of me feeling sick, I am going to type this straight from the instructions, cursive is my own opinion. I also want to apologize for the blurry pictures.

I decided to make the star to the right. My materials:

1. Cut 7 paper strips in half
2. Take one of the cut paper strips and rub the end lightly to soften it - this will help you make a nice scroll.

3. Wind the strip around the quilling tool. Do not pull to tight. I kept it tight
4. Let the paper strip unroll into approx 20mm in diameter or your preferred size. This was the hardest part, two of my scrolls were too small and one was too big!
5. Glue the end.

6. To make a drop-shaped scroll, form a point by pressing between two fingers.

7. Repeat step 2-6 until you have enough paper scrolls.
8. Glue the scrolls together. It was hard to get them to stay in the correct places when I was trying to glue them.

9. Glue acrylic stones onto both sides of the star.
10. Cut approx 30 cm wire and thread it thought one of the scrolls in the star. Tie a knot near the star and thread on a round prism. To make it easier to thread, you can apply some glue to the ends of the thread, roll them between your thumb and forefinger and then leave them to dry. This will hold the ends together better. Tie the threads together to make a hanger.
11. Cut approx 15 cm thread, thread on a drop-shaped prism and make a knot close to it. Tie the pendant in the lowest scroll, directly under the pendant you made in step 10. Tie a double know and trim the thread ends.

The kit has enough materials to make 5 stars. After finishing one, I am not going near it again in a long time. So this one is simple, this product is OUT! <- Read in Heidi Klum voice.

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