Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tissue Holder

Fourth of October. Day four of my series. It has harder than I though. Not planning anything and not having my supplies and everything. I am unsure how long I can keep this going.. But I am taking one day at a time.

I was having such a hard time deciding what to make. I ended up using a Martha Stewart Hankie Holder with my own twist. I started by cutting out two pieces of felt a bit bigger than my Tissues.

I knew I wanted something different, so I tried out some different patterns on my sewing machine. I decided to use the first one, flowers in a row.

I pinned the two fabrics together and sew around three sides. One thing I would change next time, is changing the next to steps. First I would make a slit in the fabric, then sew the top.

But I did not do that. I started sewing the top first then made a slit in the fabric.

Then I just popped my tissues through the slit and voila. Done.

Not my pretties item I must admit. It ended up being a really weird shape. Even though I did not think this process was quite successful I do see how some people would like this product. (When done properly) it would look a lot better that just a tissue would. It can also be decorated even more. But I am not really seeing it to be a product I would sell. 

In the future however if i decided to create it, I would make it quite different. I would fold over the fabric like my inspiration, but I would wrap it around the long side, not the short side. I would also create a template for it first so it looks better and more rectangular shape. I would also probably find a way to make the slit took better, possibly by overlapping the fabric a bit. 

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