Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot / Cold Rice Bags

Today is the first day of October. The first day of my October series. If you have missed the introduction, check it out here.

As I mentioned in my introduction post I have been working on rice bags this month. I have made some previously and posted on my blog here and here. However for my business I wanted something a bit different. I was walking around the fabric store so unsure what fabric to choose. I ended with two different fabrics, one for the front with a star pattern and one plain for the same colour.

I decided to have three different sizes: Small 7x10 cm, Medium 10x15 cm and Large 15 x 40 cm. I got 30 cm of each fabric which was 110 cm long. This gives me 4l, 3m and 6s total. This size includes the seams, so the final product is a bit slimmer. I decided to start creating 1l, 1m and 2s. 

I started cutting both the fabrics in the different sizes.

Then I pinned them, with the correct size facing inwards.

I sew around all the sides only leaving a small gap in each where I could ass the rice.

I added the rice, about 0.5 dl S, 1.5 dl M and 7 dl L, using a funnel.

I had some difficulties sewing the opening shut for hand. The one closest is a looping technique. The one in the behind, and much prettier, is made using a ladder stitch (video).

The finished products:

 *Note: I am thinking of sewing 
a seam down the middle 
of the large size.

I am very happy with how these turned out. The small ones fit perfectly in a hand. The medium size can for example be used on the forehead or hands. The big size can be used for shoulders, stomach pains, or even placing under the blanket before going to bed.

Is this something you would buy? I am considering making them in one or two more colours!


  1. Very cool (or hot lol!) idea! I have heard of these before but have never owned one. How long does the rice last? How many times can it be heated up and cooled before it breaks down? Could you put some oil in with the rice (like lavender)so that it smells nice when it heats us? Sorry for the 20 questions lol :)

    1. Thank you! I actually have no idea how long the rice lasts, it really depends on how often you use it.

      You can put oil in it. I have a fleece eye mask I made earier with lavender oil, it smells so nice! And no worries about all the questions :) I am happy to help!

      As you can see they are super-easy to make! You should really try it some time :)


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