Friday, July 6, 2012

Bringing My Blog To The Next Level Part 3

I have decided I want to take my blog to the next level. I will be doing this by spending more time on the blog in general and doing things such as writing better posts, taking more time taking and editing photos and planning more.

In the previous post I wrote about Inspiration and how to make my blog look better. Today I am going to be writing about planning. I have created a Blog Planner. I decided to create a 6 tab binder. The categories I have decided to use it:
  1. Calendar
  2. Brainstorming
  3. To Dos
  4. Goals
  5. Codes
  6. Tips & Tricks
In the Calendar binder I am basically going to have a monthly calendar with the sections per date, one for creative projects, one for writing and one for posting on the blog.

In the brainstorming section I am going to just keep blank paper. Here I can jot down any ideas I might get as well as working on ideas for the blog. In this section I have made a mind map of what posts to have in this blogging series.

In my To Do section I have a to do list with project, type, size, draft and post. This is for projects I already have all the materials for.

The Goals section includes general goals for the blog. I am still working on these. It will probably include mostly numbers (as this is the easiest to measure).

In the Codes section I have everything from passwords to HMTL codes that I found at Random Recycling.

Tips & Tricks is the last category I have. Here I have lined paper where I can jot down anything I come across in blogland which can be relevant to my blog. I can also print out useful information from the Internet such as Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post @ Business2community and How to write an A+ tutorial @ crafterminds

I also have to sort through my emails, like Key Lime has done and keep different folders for what I need, and delete everything else.

So these are my current categories. As time goes by I may change things up a bit.
Blog Binder

To download the printable click the Scibd button in the lower left corner. If you want something similar but a bit different I can custom make one for you. Just send me an email on what you like to be changed and I can send a pdf file just for you!

If you use this in your blog PLEASE link back to this post, and write a comment so I can check out your post! Thank you!

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