Monday, July 30, 2012

Bedroom Closet Make-Over

My room is the only one of the three bedrooms that does not have a build-in closet. There is however a closet in the hallway on the opposite side of my bedroom. Half the closet is mine.

It did need a real organizing. I had all my clothes mixed up, and everything was really messy.

My half:

Other half:

 I knew I wanted some really pretty labels. I googled and found a really nice border. I used Picmonkey and added the words and saved them on the computer. I printed out 6 on a page and added each to the basket I wanted.

The entire look changed so much. Then it was time to organize the baskets. I removed one at a time, emptied it out on the basket, organized it and put it back.



I do not use my shoes a lot, so instead of having them hanging in a shoe hanger, I placed then in boxes instead.

On the other side, I just did some tidying.

I am very happy on how it turned out, even though it was not a big change. It does look a lot more tidy now, and I really LOVE my new labels!

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