Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Lamp make-over

OH NO! I just realized now I actually do not have a before-photo for these two lamps. I guess that just happens sometimes. 

The small lamp I bought for 29 kroner, a bit under 5 usd, at a second hand store. The big lamp I got for free. They were really not very pretty or my style at all, so I knew I had to do a big make-over on these.

I started with the base of the lamps. The little lamp I actually took a part and the big lamp I used news paper and tape to cover everything I was not going to spray paint.

I started with two coat of spray paint primer.

Then did three coats of spray paint and was finally satisfied.

The lampshades did looked fine, but I wanted another fabric.

I made a pattern and cut out four pieces of the fabric I had chosen. I originally wanted a really nice ruffled fabric, but it was about 90% more expensive than the one I bought. Then I pinned them together and ready to sew.

The smaller shade I just rolled the shade and created an outline, and pinned it in place.

I used some scraps to create a head band for my dog. She is so cute.

The sewing machine I currently used is at the moment not sewing properly. It is a 25 year old Pfaff, making it a couple of years older than me. 

Because of this I had to borrow my grandmothers. Which is even older, but it does the trick.

I basically just sewed along the pins, and tried it on the shades. Then I sewed it even more in. Finally I used a glue gun and glued it to the shades in the top and bottom.

My dog was "helping" me. She came and wanted to sit on my lap while I was sewing.

I assembled the lamps and turned them on. I really regret not doing it properly, but I did not know the lamps where that see through. This works for now, but I will probably dress them up a bit later.

I must say I have fallen in love with spray paint. It is so easy to work with, and everything goes so fast. At the moment I have only done two small projects, my lamps and a basket, but I think I will try it on some bigger projects soon too! Have you done any fun spray paint projects? I would love to take a look, so leave a link in the comment box!


  1. Looks great! By the way, I love your dog is so cute :-)

  2. I like your The sewing machine. It's old but still work. Now as you buy a sewing machine, it does not work so long.


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